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8 new businesses in Dubai under commercial licenses

Omar Bushahab

Omar Bushahab. (Supplied)

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has made eight new additions to the list of business activities licensed in the emirate. This takes the total number of activities to 2,133 from 2,125.

The decision follows feedback on local market needs and the demand-supply situation gathered periodically from various industry sectors as part of facilitating business and providing the necessary resources for business development.

The additions include a number of vital and specialised activities, including: Industrial Robots Assembling, Tax Consultant, Security Documents Printing, Scanner Manufacturing, Hazardous Waste Collection and Transport, Health Consultancy, Financing Broker, as well as Social Media Applications Development and Management.

“This is the second time in 2016 that we have added new business activities. Our team constantly evaluates market needs and gathers opinions and suggestions from existing and potential investors across Dubai to understand their requirements in the fast-changing local market,” said Omar Bushahab, CEO of Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector in DED.

Bushahab said the decision will strengthen DED’s plan, which emphasises on developing the emirate’s services profile and facilitating license procedures relating to limited liability companies in view of the role of such firms in promoting private sector growth. The additions will further eliminate barriers to business, encourage new business ideas and create new jobs, thereby benefitting investors and the public, he said.

Industrial Robots Assembling activity

Industrial Robots Assembling activity includes remotely operated or computer-assisted robots as well as specially designed vehicles or telescopic arms that can take the place of humans in dangerous tasks such as detecting explosives or radiation, firefighting and manufacturing processes demanding high standards of precision or labour.

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant activity is meant for specialised firms engaged in tax advisory to foreign companies in the UAE, helping them to avoid double taxation, implement tax treaties between countries, and review company statements. The minimum qualification required to engage in this activity is a bachelor degree in business administration/economics/law/accounting or a related discipline, along with the three years of practical experience.

Security Documents Printing

Security Documents Printing activity covers printing high-value documents with added security features integrated into the document for protection against forgery, counterfeiting, tampering or alteration. The documents may include ballot papers, bank notes, cheques, passports, stock certificates and identity cards.

Scanner Manufacturing

All scanners, including desktop flatbed, drum and hand-held, used to scan text, hand-writing, or an object and convert it into digital image for electronic transmission or upload come under the Scanner Manufacturing activity, in addition to 3D scanners used for industrial design.

Hazardous Waste Collection and Transport

The Hazardous Waste Collection and Transport activity has been included to license collection of solid/liquid/gaseous waste from manufacturing, medical or agricultural activities, particularly those which cannot be disposed in regular landfills or sewer networks due to their potential health risks and hence requiring special treatment. Dedicated vehicles are required to transport such wastes to their disposal sites, assigned by competent authorities.

Health Consultancies

Health Consultancies are those firms providing expertise, guidance and advice to healthcare institutions on improving business functions, patient safety, and holistic approaches in health promotion and disease prevention. The areas of consultancy involve reviewing regulatory compliance, assessing staffing needs and resources, communicating with clients in order to identify operational problems and efficiency gaps, hospital renovation and redesigning and IT solutions. A B.Sc. in Health Care Administration/Business Administration/Economics along with three years of practical experience is mandatory for the Health Consultant.

Financing Broker

Financing Brokers can act as facilitator between borrowers – whether such borrowers be individuals looking for personal loans or businesses looking at acquisition, development or expansion – and lenders. The Financing Broker assists such borrowers in securing the right finance from banks or other lending institutions.

Social Media Applications Management

Firms helping businesses and individuals to utilise social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. to increase visibility and expand their following as a means for growth are classified under the Social Media Applications Development & Management activity. The activity involves providing and managing such social media content as well.


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