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Basic Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction in FIDIC Red Book FOURTH EDITION 1987, Common in Construction Disputes: (Part 1)

construction disputes

Construction Disputes

2.6 Engineer to Act Impartially

2.6.1 Wherever, under the Contract, the Engineer is required to exercise his discretion by:-

(a) Giving his decision, opinion or consent;
(b) Expressing his satisfaction or approval;
(c) Determining value; or

(d) Otherwise taking action which may affect the rights and obligations of the Employer or the Contractor,
he shall exercise such discretion impartially within the terms of the Contract and having regard to all the circumstances. Any such decision, opinion, consent, expression of satisfaction, or approval, determination of value or action may be opened up, reviewed or revised as provided in Clause 67.

10.1Performance Security

If the Contract requires the Contractor to obtain security for his proper performance of the Contract, he shall obtain and provide to the Employer such security within 28 days after the receipt of the Letter of Acceptance, in the sum stated in the Appendix to Tender. When providing such security to the Employer, the Contractor shall notify the Engineer of so doing. Such security shall be in the form annexed to these Conditions or in such other form as may be agreed between the Employer and the Contractor. The institution providing such security shall be subject to the approval of the Employer. The cost of complying with the requirements of this Clause shall be borne by the Contractor, unless the Contract otherwise provides.

10.2Period of Validity of Performance Security

The performance security shall be valid until the Contractor has executed and completed the Works and remedied any defects therein in accordance with the Contract. No claim shall be made against such security after the issue of the Defects Liability Certificate in accordance with Sub-Clause 62.1 and such security shall be returned to the Contractor within 14 days of the issue of the said Defects Liability Certificate.

10.3Claims under Performance Security

Prior to making a claim under the performance security the Employer shall, in every case, notify the Contractor stating the nature of the default in respect of which the claim is to be made.

14.1Programme to be Submitted

The Contractor shall, within the time stated in Part II of these Conditions after the date of the Letter of Acceptance, submit to the Engineer for his consent a programme, in such form and detail as the Engineer shall reasonably prescribe, for the execution of the Works. The Contractor shall, whenever required by the Engineer, also provide in writing for his information a general description of the arrangements and methods which the Contractor proposes to adopt for the execution of the Works.

14.2Revised Programme

If at any time it should appear to the Engineer that the actual progress of the Works does not conform to the programme to which consent has been given under Sub-Clause 14.1, the Contractor shall produce, at the request of the Engineer, a revised programme showing the modifications to such programme necessary to ensure completion of the Works within the Time for Completion.

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