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Dubai Judge calls for “Certificate of Good standing for expats”

15th June 16’, Dubai’s Attorney General, Essam Eisa Al Humaidan, has called for the death penalty for a man on the counts of murdering, kidnapping and assaulting a child named Obaida, last month . This was followed by Dubai’s chief prosecutor who asked the judge to implement the stiffest penalty possible, the death sentence, to the alleged rapist and murderer of 8-year-old Jordanian boy Obaida Al Aqrabawi. Reading out the prosecution memorandum after court finished hearing all witnesses in the case, Dr. Ali Mohammed Al Hosani stressed that all evidences point towards a premediated murder of the little boy the 48-year-old accused.

21st August 16’, Judge calls for Certificate of Good Standing: Reference: according to said article: This has led to the whole legal community to call for support of a Certificate to curb criminals entering the UAE. Senior judges, prosecutors and lawyers are pushing for a mandatory certificate of good conduct to prove that those wishing to move to the UAE have no criminal record. The Dubai Criminal Court was told the convicted killer had a long criminal record in Jordan, leading lawyers to ask for a ban on people with criminal pasts to be added to residency laws.

“I am a supporter of such a move,” said Dr Ali Al Galadari, a judge at the Dubai Court of Appeals. “It’s similar to the medical tests mandatory for those moving to the UAE to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

“In our country, we are aiming for excellence in everything and we are succeeding, but such a move will help us get to where we want safer and faster.”

Before a UAE residence visa is granted, prospective residents must have medical tests at government health centres to prove that they do not have HIV-Aids, Hepatitis B or C, or tuberculosis so such Good conduct certificates, or criminal background checks, would be required for a residency visa like which is in place already for countries like Australia and Canada.


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