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Litigation Management

litigationOur Litigation Management department is handled by external reputable Dubai attorneys and litigators who have been admitted to appear and plea before all courts and judicial bodies in the UAE and the Arab world.

The department represents clients in managing judicial claims and disputes that may be filed before the courts, judicial tribunals, amicable settlement panels, and arbitration panels whether these proceedings are filed on their behalf or you require advice on a claim filed. Further, we advice on bailiffs, memorandums of defense and assist with delivering supporting documents to the judicial competent authorities. We have full jurisdiction and capacity to attend before the Center of Amicable Settlement of Disputes in the Emirate of Dubai  established by Dubai Law no.16 of 2009 and Rental  Disputes Center RDC established by Dubai law no.26 of 2013.

The Department also undertakes the enforcement of the final judgments, rulings, sentences and arbitration awards issued by national and foreign courts, arbitration panels and other judicial bodies.


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