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New Startup

Experts in rules and regulations for New start up in UAE. GLC specialized corporate lawyers will answer all of your questions and will help and assist you to find the best option for you potential business in UAE, or your restructuring plans. We provide a cost effective but detailed service with fast response times providing you with the legal protection you will need throughout the life cycle of your business.


Is there is requirement for a minimum startup capital? What is your activity? Do you have a business plan? How long it will take to obtain your license? Is there is any tax will be apply to your business? Is your activity commercial or professional? What is the best option for industrial activities? Is there any restriction for yo ur trade name? How to best protect yourself in terms of your relationship with your local sponsor? What are the share allocation requirements as a matter of UAE law? How many employees are you planning to hire upon start up? Which documents are required for the incorporation process? Is it possible to start up your business without coming to UAE? Should your representative/agent in the incorporation process be a lawyer? If you have a business in UAE, is it possible to get visas for your dependents?


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